Memorandum of Understanding between the Pompidou Group and the EMCDDA signed on 3 November 2010 – reviewed in December 2022


This agreement between the EMCDDA and the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe was endorsed in the margins of the 18th Ministerial Conference of the Pompidou Group, taking place 13-14 December in Lisbon under the theme ‘Human rights at the heart of drug and addiction policies’. The signatories of the agreement were Executive Secretary of the Pompidou Group Denis Huber and EMCDDA Director Alexis Goosdeel. The memorandum adds new areas of cooperation in the framework of their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 2010. The new pledge, an appendix updating the MoU, stipulates specific areas of collaboration based on the organisations’ work programmes and areas of interest.

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We, the undersigned in our respective capacities as Executive Secretary of the Council of Europe International Cooperation Group on Drugs and Addictions (Pompidou Group) and Director of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), 

Recalling the objectives of the above-mentioned Memorandum of Understanding 

  • • to establish an effective co-operation based on the principles of mutual recognition, complementarity, relevance and appropriateness of resources, avoiding duplication of efforts; 
  • • to develop synergies by co-ordinating specific activities, making use of one another’s comparative advantages to ensure the most effective utilisation of resources to this end; 

Recalling Article III.3 of the above-mentioned Memorandum of Understanding, and based on a joint analysis of the Pompidou Group Work programme 2023-2025 and the EMCDDA Single Programming Document (Strategy and Work programme) 2023-2025 and the need to prioritise those areas of work where we have a common interest and where we can support each other, taking into account the mandates and responsibilities of our organisations; 

Agree as a framework for our co-operation: 

  • • To participate in the statutory meetings of the Pompidou Group’s Permanent Correspondents and of the EMCDDA Management Board; 
  • • To collaborate, as appropriate and in line with our respective mandates, in the Pompidou Group’s expert group on developing responses to new forms of addictions; 
  • • To participate in the annual Conference of Drug Control Networks; • To cooperate in the Pompidou Group’s Mediterranean Network on drugs and addictions (MedNET), thereby ensuring complementarity and mutual support where relevant. in the following areas: 
  • o Building of national observatories, according to the mandate, standards and methodologies developed by the EMCDDA and its Reitox network, and in close cooperation with them; 
  • o Capacity-building initiatives in the area of data collection and analysis, concerning in particular MedSPAD; 
  • o Access to, and quality of, drug treatment services; 
  • o Behavioural addictions; 
  • o Health and treatment in prison. 
  • • To contribute, on an ad hoc basis, to information exchange and capacity building in Europe within the Pompidou Group Executive Training Programme; 
  • • To continue the joint reflection addressing the gender dimension of drug policies, in particular through the ‘European Group on Gender and Drugs’; 
  • • To collaborate in the field of harm reduction, as appropriate and in line with our respective mandates; 
  • • To mutually contribute to any other activities of our respective organisations in the areas of interventions and policy, if feasible and according to expertise and resources, while avoiding duplication of effort; 
  • • To invite each other, when appropriate, to participate in open thematic meetings and conferences; 
  • • To consider implementing joint activities such as contributing to joint outputs or co-hosted meetings. 

The implementation of the above-mentioned activities is subject to the availability of resources. 

At the beginning of each calendar year, the two organisations will draft and agree on a list of activities on which they have a common interest. These activities will either be organised jointly, or one organisation will invite the other to make a specific contribution. 

Ms Florence Mabileau and Mr Danilo Ballotta are appointed as responsible liaison officers to maintain close, direct and regular working contacts with a view to ensuring the implementation of the provisions of this Memorandum of Understanding. 

As appropriate, coordination and review meetings can be convened to monitor the progress of the above-mentioned activities. 

This Appendix will be reviewed and updated as necessary at the latest by the end of 2025. 

Done in Lisbon on 14 December 2022 


Executive Secretary Director 

Pompidou Group EMCDDA