Co-ordination of the implementation of the EMCDDA standard guidelines on the drug-related deaths indicator in the EU Member States, and the collection and analysis of information on drug-related deaths


This is the final report for an EMCDDA project carried out with the assistance of the Trimbos Institute, and in collaboration with Eurostat and WHO, to develop and test guidelines for ICD (10th edition) based general mortality registries. As an additional output, the project elaborated a first conceptual outline for assessment of the total burden of mortality related to drug use. The results of this project were used to develop version 3.0 of the DRD standard protocol.

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Table of contents

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Analysis of ICT-10 data from GMRS
  • Annex 1: Options to estimate the total burden of mortality related to psychoactive drug use
  • Annex 2: The DRD-standard, version 2.0
  • Annex 3: Guidelines for direct data-delivery
  • Annex 4: Explanations to the database on drug-related deaths