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The national focal point is located within the Epidemiology and Public health division at Sciensano, the Belgian Health research Institute. Sciensano implements policies in response to the legal framework and the priorities of the Federal Minister for Health and the President of the Federal Public Service for Health, Food Chain Security and the Environment. The institute is the scientific reference in the field of public health and supports health policy and policymaking through innovative research, analyses, monitoring activities and expert advice. In order to make use of national drug-related data, cooperation and coordination between the NFP and many different regional partner organisations is vital owing to the assigned responsibilities regarding health policy.

The Belgian national focal point was EMCDDA certified in January 2024.

EMCDDA certified Ritox national focal point


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Sciensano - Scientific Institute of Public Health (Institut scientifique de santé publique/Wetenschappelijk Instituut Volkgezondheid
Ms Lies Gremeaux