Greek national focal point

The Greek national focal point is located within the Athens University Mental Health, Neurosciences and Precision Medicine Research Institute (UMHRI), the research institute linked to the University of Athens (Medical School). UMHRI specialises in conducting and promoting research in the basic sectors of mental health, in offering medical and psychosocial services, as well as in developing training courses. UMHRI has been commissioned by the Greek Ministry of Health to operate the Greek REITOX Focal Point, while since 1998 the Focal Point has been assigned and operates as the National Centre of Documentation and Monitoring on Drugs & Alcohol. Overall, the national focal point deals with drug-related issues in the field of epidemiology and responses, and is given a mandate beyond the implementation of EMCDDA-related activities. Its responsibilities also include monitoring alcohol use and related problems, drafting the Greek National report on drugs, the annual Greek bibliography on drugs and alcohol, and other national-related assignments supporting policy-makers and practitioners in the field.

The Greek national focal point was EMCDDA certified on 17 July 2020.


Contact information

University Mental Health, Neurosciences & Precision Medicine (UMHRI) Costas Stefanis     
Ms Ioulia Bafi