Treatment Perceptions Questionnaire

Original/alternative title:  TPQ


The TPQQ was designed to assess the satisfaction of people in addiction treatment programs. It is the first questionnaire for assessing this response measure in the addiction treatment population to be developed in Europe.

The TPQ examines two areas: the first area concerns the perception of clients towards the nature and extent of their contact with the program staff (5 items); the second area concerns aspects of the treatment service and its operation and rules and regulations (5 items). Each item is recorded using a five-point Likert scale (strongly agree -- strongly disagree).

Additional information

Marsden J ; Stewart D ; Gossop M ; Rolfe A ; Bacchus L ; Griffiths P ; Clarke K ; Strang J. Assessing client satisfaction with treatment for substance use problems. Development of the Treatment Perceptions Questionnaire (TPQ). Addiction Research 2000;8(5):455-470.

Marsden J ; Nizzoli U ; Corbelli C ; Margaron H ; Torres M ; Prada De Castro I ; Stewart D ; Gossop M. New European instruments for treatment outcome research: reliability of the Maudsley Addiction Profile and Treatment Perceptions Questionnaire in Italy, Spain and Portugal.