Reitox Academy Training course: Contemporary approaches in drug monitoring

The training course is organised in cooperation with the Department of Addictology of the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University.

‘Why is drug monitoring and data collection needed and what information is needed for various audiences? How could novel methods and academic research data be used in the context of monitoring and analysing the drug situation?’ are two main questions which will be discussed in-depth during this five-and-a-half-day training course.

Each training day is dedicated to one main topic linked to the EMCDDA reference framework for monitoring the drug situation:

Day 1 — Monitoring the drugs situation: a reference framework
Day 2 — Trends and patterns in drug use and related monitoring challenges
Day 3 — An integrated response to drugs
Day 4 — Phenomenon of new drugs
Day 5 — From monitoring to action

On the last day of the training, participants will take a test to demonstrate how well they understand the concept of drug monitoring and to demonstrate their knowledge of collection and interpretation of drug-related data, using the quantitative and qualitative tools and methods for analysis.

The course is targeted towards professionals, scientists and administrators working at national drug monitoring bodies or persons closely linked to national activities aimed at consolidation of national drug monitoring systems in Acceding, Candidate and Potential Candidate countries and other non-EU countries. The Academy training course will also be open to professionals representing the Reitox network and students from the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. The course is open to register a maximum of 40 participants.