Launch: EU Drug Markets – New psychoactive substances (EMCDDA-Europol Webinar)

Announcement of the online webinar launch of EU Drug Markets: new psychoactive substances

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Objective: This webinar provides an overview of the EU market on New psychoactive substances (NPS), from production and trafficking, to distribution and use of these substances. The speakers  will discuss the continued adaptation of the NPS market and increasing integration with the market for established controlled drugs, drawing conclusions from a number of data sources, including the European Union Early Warning System on NPS. Key issues will be defined and recommendations for action at EU and Member State level will be provided.

Background: This webinar is dedicated to the NPS module of the EU Drug Markets: In-depth analysis, the fourth comprehensive overview of illicit drug markets in the European Union from the EMCDDA and Europol. 


  1. Ana Gallegos, Head of sector, Action on new drugs (EMCDDA)
  2. Joanna De Morais, Scientific analyst, Action on new drugs (EMCDDA)
  3. Rita Jorge, Scientific analyst, Synthetic drugs (EMCDDA)

Chairperson: Ana Gallegos, EMCDDA

Format: Opening remarks, speakers’ presentations, Q&A. 

Speakers will present:

  1. The state of play of the EU NPS market
  2. Distribution, supply, and harms of NPS by category
  3. Production of NPS: recent trends and the rise of synthetic cathinone production
  4. Key findings and recommendations

Length: 1 hour

Participants: The webinar is open to all upon registration, after which the person will receive a link to connect.

Webinar etiquette: We welcome participants using the chat during the webinar, but kindly ask them to refrain from using it for airing grievances, promoting events/commercial initiatives or misusing contact details. Please engage with courtesy and respect. Violation of these guidelines may result in exclusion from the chat by the administrator. Thank you for your cooperation in making this webinar a positive and focused learning experience for all.

Date: 27 June 2024, 10.00–11.00 Lisbon time (WEST) 11.00–12.00 (CEST) 

Platform: Zoom