EMCDDA expert meeting on the epidemiological indicator: Drug-related deaths (DRD)

On 29 and 30 September 2016, the EMCDDA will bring together more than forty European and international experts for a meeting on the key indicator Drug-related deaths. The meeting provides a space for sharing and discussing new studies, new findings and experiences at regional, national and European level.

It also aims to facilitate technical work around the collection and analysis of the different components of this indicator: overdose and toxicological information from special mortality registers; data from the general mortality registers; findings from mortality cohort studies; as well as developments in responses.

There will be a range of presentations from EU Member States and other countries, as well as from projects and institutions.

Also see our Statistical Bulletin website (under overdose deaths/methodology/overall situation and trends), where we present detailed methodological information and the most recent data.

On the 28 September, previous to this meeting, it takes place at the EMCDDA the Drug-related deaths (DRD) - codification practices expert meeting. For more details please visit the meeting's webpage.

Meeting Topics

This year particular attention will be given to European projects conducted in 2015–16 on

  • High mortality in certain European countries

  • Issues with the coding of causes of deaths

Methodological developments will be discussed, as well as specific issues

  • Heroin/opioid-related deaths

  • Implication of tramadol in drug-induced deaths

  • NPS and other stimulants

  • Overall mortality among drug users

  • Morbidity/emergencies

Naloxone programmes, and other interventions to reduce overdose deaths

Key documents

Key EMCDDA resources

Drug-induced deaths in Europe: enhanced analysis of numbers, trends and contexts to identify possible artefacts and gain better insights into epidemiology and responses - Isabelle Giraudon, EMCDDA


Meeting outputs