Drug prevention interventions targeting minority ethnic populations: issues raised by 33 case studies


This Thematic paper contains the results of a study that examined drug prevention interventions for minority ethnic populations in 29 European countries. A total of 33 interventions were reported to the study and the issues they raise are presented and discussed in the paper. The results will inform the EMCDDA’s plans for 2013–15 in terms of monitoring drug prevention interventions particularly in three areas: data collection, design and quality, and the dissemination of knowledge.

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Responses
  • Assessing needs: sources of information
  • Meeting needs
  • Generic and specialist services
  • Cultural competence
  • Sustainability
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Establishing and maintaining a database of drug
    prevention interventions for minority ethnic
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
  • Appendix 1
  • Appendix 2
  • Appendix 3