Contracts awarded by the EMCDDA in 2021 below the Directive threshold (139 000€)


The table below shows contracts awarded by the EMCDDA in 2021 below the Directive threshold (139 000€), except very-low value contracts.

Contract Number Contractor Contractor Address Contract Price Contract subject matter
FC.21.COM.0007.1.0 Eworx S.A Greece 60,000.00 Provision of infographics and data visualisation services
CT.21.HEA.0025.1.0 Virtual Yellow Portugal 40,000.00 Best Practice Portal
FC.21.COM.0029.1.0 International Correspondents in Education SL - ICE Spain 135,000.00 Provision of editing and proofreading services
CT.21.HEA.0040.1.0 Norweigan Institute for Water Research - NIVA Norway 80,000.00 To contribute to the EMCDDA data collection of results from wastewater analyses
CT.21.EU4MD.0048.2.0 Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime-GITOC Switzerland 120,000.00 Lot 1: Regional Strategic Drug Market reports for the Southern European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) countries
  Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime-GITOC The Netherlands   Lot 2: Regional Strategic Drug Market reports for the Candidate and Potential Candidate countries
CT.21.EU4MD.0050.1.0 Stiching Trimbos-Instituut The Netherlands 54,000.00 To prepare a report on drug markets in the Eastern European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).
CT.21.IPA7.0057.1.0 The Austrian National Public Health Institute, Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (GÖG) Austria 25,000.00 IPA7 Reitox Academy on writing of Drug reports
EMCDDA.OP.45.2020 TDGI Portugal 54,590.03 Maintenance Services
CT.20.ADM.0165.1.0 MDS Portugal 25,912.51 Insurance 2021
CT.21.SAS.0070.1.0 Web-IQ The Netherlands 65,000.00 European monitoring platform of drug supply via darknet markets
CT.21.HEA.0073.1.0 Podané Ruce Czech Republic 25,000.00 Syringe residue analysis – ESCAPE network consolidation
CT.21.ADM.0079.1.0 Caetano Baviera Lisboa Portugal 58,589.87 Purchase of 2 cars for the EMCDDA
SLA JRC No. 36117 Joint Reserach Centre (JRC) - European Commission Belgium 60,000.00 MEDISYSDRUGS 2021/2022 - Customizing MEDISYS for drugs and psychoactive substances.
CT.21.HEA.0104.1.0 Si4Life Italy 60,000.00 PLATO (Practice Training PLATfOrm) implementation phase
CT.21.EMCDDA4GE.0112.1.0 Alternative Georgia Georgia 60,000.00 General population survey – support to the implementation in Georgia
CT.21.SDI.0122.1.0 OnSite SL Spain 35,000.00 Technological solutions to support Lisbon Addictions22
CT.21.HEA.0126.1.0 Zoom Minds Artes Digitais Portugal 59,000.00 Digital Ecosystems – web-based information system and social media network for TEDI, ESCAPE) and DCRs