Reitox Academies

The Reitox Academy is a training programme which addresses the training and information needs of the EMCDDA's national partners. This includes its network of national focal point (Reitox), candidate and potential candidate countries, the European Neighbourhood Policy countries, along with and other third countries. The Reitox Academy includes a wide array of courses and seminars on key EMCDDA technical tools and techniques. It aims to utilise the best expertise available in both the agency and Member States. It also addresses training needs related to setting up and developing national focal points and their expert networks.

Academies can be organised for a network of national or regional experts, for all Reitox members or for EU candidate, potential candidate and ENP countries. Occasionally and upon request, Reitox Academies are organised for third countries in the framework of EU-funded technical cooperation projects.

Trainings organised as part of the Reitox Academy are listed below.

Date Meeting Location
27.06.2024 Reitox Academy on ‘Implementing futures/foresight in the drug field, with a focus on synthetic drugs’ Dublin, Ireland
06.06.2023 Reitox regional academy for Baltic countries - Drug-related-deaths and harm reduction interventions Riga, Latvia
06.09.2022 Reitox Regional Academy for Baltic countries on ‘Futures’ Gdansk, Poland
18.11.2021 IPA7 Reitox Academy on report writing (Module 2: Policy and Prevention) Online
28.10.2021 IPA7 Reitox Academy on report writing (Module 1: The Introduction) Online
14.10.2021 IPA7 Reitox Academy on report writing
26.10.2020 Reitox Academy on European Prevention Curricula (EUPC): Training for Decision-, Opinion- and Policymakers Online
08.10.2020 Reitox Academy on Drug Supply Indicators Online
12.12.2019 Reitox Baltic academy 'New Psychoactive Substances, Fentanils and their derivatives' Gdansk, Poland
02.12.2019 Reitox national academy 'Online drug purchases and implications for health responses' Vienna, Austria
27.11.2019 Reitox academy 'Nouvelle directive, nouvel outil, nouveaux échanges' Paris, France
18.09.2019 Reitox Academy on communicating with national policymakers Madrid
17.09.2019 National Reitox academy on DRID cohort study workshop Riga, Latvia
20.06.2019 Reitox academy: Understanding cannabis policies – changes and challenges Lisbon, Portugal
12.04.2019 Reitox Academy for IPA beneficiairies: How to communicate drug-related information? Lisbon
24.01.2019 National Reitox Academy New Psychoactive Substances Vilnius, Lithuania
20.12.2018 National Reitox academy on ‘Health effects of New Psychoactive Substances’ Belgrade, Serbia
28.11.2018 Reitox Academy on ‘Scaling-up prevention: Universal Prevention Curriculum’ Prague
05.12.2017 Reitox academy: Implementation of the Problem Drug Use indicator EMCDDA, Lisbon
04.04.2017 Reitox Academy for IPA beneficiaries on the ‘Methods for detection of new psychoactive substances (NPS) and the role of forensic laboratories in the national early warning system (EWS)’ Budapest