EMCDDA standard protocol to collect data and report figures for the key indicator drug-related deaths (DRD-Standard, version 3.0)


This is the DRD-Standard, the current protocol for the EMCDDA's drug-related deaths (DRD) indicator, one of five key epidemiological indicators used by the EMCDDA for the collection and interpretaion of harmonised, good quality data at European level. There are two main sources of information on drug-related deaths: General Mortality Registers (GMRs), which are present in all countries of the European Union Special Registers (SRs) held by the police or forensic institutions, which are present in a subset of countries. Both registers have advantages and disadvantages.For comparative purposes, data are collected and reported from both types of registers. 

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Summary of EMCDDA definition of drug-related deaths
  • Logical terminology
  • The protocol for ICD-9 coded GMRS
  • The protocol for ICD-10 coded GMRS
  • The protocol for SRS