Video: European Drug Report 2021 — highlights


The European Drug Report provides a comprehensive analysis of patterns emerging across the EU, Turkey and Norway in the areas of drug supply, illicit drug use and associated public health problems. National data sets are also provided across these themes and on key harm-reduction interventions.


• A record 213 tonnes of cocaine were seized in 2019 • Preliminary data in 2020 suggest availability has not declined in the pandemic • Purity has been increasing over the last decade • More people are entering treatment • Signs of possible increase in crack cocaine during the pandemic • Organised crime groups are producing more illegal drugs within Europe • 370 illicit labs for various drugs were dismantled in 2019 • No decline in detection of cultivation and production sites during pandemic • Drug market continues to adjust to COVID-19 disruption • Further digitalisation could be a long-term impact of pandemic • Data from 2020 indicates less interest in MDMA during early lockdown • Wastewater samples suggests: levels bounced back as restrictions were eased • Average MDMA content in tablets and purity of powders remains very high • High-strength MDMA products present health risks • 46 new psychoactive substances were reported in 2020 • Total number of NPS monitored is 830 • Harmful NPS including opioids continue to emerge • Health alerts warn of cannabis adulteration with highly-potent synthetic cannabinoids • Highly-potent synthetic cannabinoids linked to overdoses and deaths • Rise in use of benzodiazepines in some groups • Reflecting various factors including pandemic-related mental health issues • Cannabis use remains stable at high levels • Increased THC content raises health concerns • Cannabis accounted for over a third of treatment demands in 2019 • Drug law offences increase, with cannabis possession and supply predominant • Large volumes of heroin still being seized • Raising concerns around the possible impact on levels of use • Opioids remain a major cause of drug-related harms • High-risk and polydrug use continue to fuel drug-induced deaths • Increased access to testing and treatment is key to reach HIV and HCV Sustainable Development Goals • Read more: • European Drug Report 2021 • Latest data on the drug situation • Special review on impact of COVID-19 • New benzodiazepines in the spotlight

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