Drug supply reduction: an overview of EU policies and measures


Illicit drug markets have a global reach. This paper provides an overview of EU policies and responses to the production and trafficking of illicit drugs within the international context. It considers the different strategic areas involved, the EU structures concerned, along with some of the key measures currently being implemented by the EU and its international partners. Drug supply reduction actions cut across policy areas. These include illicit drug policy, security, organised crime, and maritime and regional cooperation policy. The EU is involved in a range of projects and initiatives around the world designed to reduce the supply of illicit drugs, including capacity building initiatives targeting smuggling routes and measures to support economic, legislative, and monitoring infrastructural development.​

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Table of contents

  • Abstract
  • Summary 
  • Policy areas
  • The EU institutional system
  • Disrupting European drug markets
  • Targeting international drug trafficking
  • Conclusion
  • Abbreviations
  • References
  • Acknowledgements