European Facility Survey Questionnaire (EFSQ) package


The European Facility Survey Questionnaire (EFSQ) is a data collection instrument applicable in any European country or in any country worldwide interested in surveying facilities that provide interventions to drug users. The aim of the EFSQ is to collect information from the facilities across drug treatment systems on their administrative characteristics, client utilisation, staffing and quality management, and core interventions, while accounting for their diversity.

The EFSQ was developed by the EMCDDA in collaboration with its network of national focal points (Reitox), World Health Organization and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

A manual on how to carry out a survey of drug treatment facilities with the EFSQ, as well as an electronic version of the EFSQ for a web-based survey using the open source survey software Limesurvey can be found on this page.

Download as PDF