Translating EUDA/EMCDDA publications

At present, most of the EUDA's/EMCDDA’s publications are published in English. However, in order to reach a wider audience, both inside and outside the European Union, the EUDA encourages translations. The following guidelines have been prepared to help organisations when they prepare to translate and publish EUDA/EMCDDA publications in their own language(s).


(updated July 2024)

  1. All EUDA/EMCDDA publications may be downloaded and reproduced provided the source is acknowledged. In order to ensure the broad dissemination of our publications to interested audiences and avoid duplication of effort, the agency requests that anybody planning to translate our publications informs the agency via e-mail before starting the translation process (addresses provided at the end of these guidelines).
  2. The organisation producing the translated version is fully responsible for its quality and for ensuring that it accurately reproduces the content of the original.
  3. The organisation producing the translated version owns the copyright to the translated version, but does not have the right to grant further translation, copyright or reproduction rights to a third party.
  4. Since the translated version is not an official EUDA/EMCDDA publication and has not undergone EUDA/EMCDDA quality controls, organisations preparing translations are asked to present the product in accordance with their organisation’s own graphic identity. However, the EUDA/EMCDDA can provide the original graphic files, if requested, as a starting point.
  5. The translated publication should include the following information after the copyright in the language of the translation:

    First published in English as [original title]
    by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (European Union Drugs Agency)

    © European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (European Union Drugs Agency), [original publication year]
    Translation into XX made by XX [name of the language, then the company or person who made the translation].

    If the translation involves an adaptation of an EMCDDA/EUDA publication, this should also be clearly indicated

  6. The EUDA logo in the language of the translation, if available, should be placed alongside the publication details stated above. If the logo is not available in the language concerned, the English logo should be used. Information about the EUDA’s corporate identity and access to logos can be found on the page EUDA logo download’.
  7. Immediately after the launch of the translated version, the EUDA must receive its final PDF, along with any relevant links, to upload on the EUDA’s website.

    All correspondence on translations by third parties should be addressed to:
    Marie-Christine Ashby (Marie-Christine.Ashby[a] or
    Kasia Natoniewska (Katarzyna.Natoniewska[a]