Dashboard. Prevalence of cocaine use in Europe (updated June 2024)


This resource is part of the European Drug Report 2024, the EMCDDA's annual overview of the drug situation in Europe.

Prevalence of cocaine use in Europe

This data explorer enables you to view our data on the prevalence of cocaine use by recall period and age range. You can access data by country by clicking on the map or selecting a country from the dropdown menu.


Prevalence data presented here are based on general population surveys submitted to the EMCDDA by national focal points. For the latest data and detailed methodological information please see the Statistical Bulletin 2024: Prevalence of drug use.

Graphics showing the most recent data for a country are based on studies carried out between 2013 and 2023.

Prevalence estimates for the general population: age ranges are 18-64 and 18-34 for Germany, Greece, France, Italy and Hungary; 16-64 and 16-34 for Denmark, Estonia and Norway; 18-65 for Malta; 17-34 for Sweden.

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