Penalties for drug law offences in Europe ‘at a glance’ — new countries added to online tool

How do countries’ laws deal with offences relating to drug use, possession for personal use or supply? Find out more in the EMCDDA’s 'Penalties at a glance' tool, which allows for comparisons of legal measures in place in up to five countries at a time.

Data from eight countries and partners — Armenia, Algeria, Georgia, Kosovo*, Lebanon, Moldova, Montenegro and Ukraine — have recently been added to the tool, complementing information from the 27 EU Member States, Norway and Turkey. Data from additional countries will be included in the course of 2022.

The online tool can help users explore how countries’ legislative penalties vary according to the type and quantity of the drug and to the offender’s level of addiction or recidivism.

Data from the EMCDDA’s non-EU partners were collected in the framework of its EU-funded technical cooperation projects with the Western Balkans (IPA7) and with the European Neighbourhood Policy area (EU4MD).