Our activities — the EUDA's ongoing projects, services and tools

Please note: on Tuesday 2 July 2024, the EMCDDA became the European Union Drugs Agency (EUDA), with an extended remit and stronger role. Some pages on our website may not yet reflect this change but will be updated shortly.

The work of the EUDA is underpinned by two long-term goals: to contribute to a healthier Europe and to a more secure Europe. To achieve our mission, we have developed a systemic approach that brings together the human networks, processes and scientifc tools necessary for collecting, analysing and reporting on all aspects of the European drugs phenomenon. This page is designed to be a window onto the agency's work. The aspects presented below are grouped in broad working areas but in reality activities are complementary and frequently overlap.

For a detailed view of the agency's work by year, please see our General report of activities.