Eurobarometer survey: European citizens concerned about impact of drugs

This week, the European Commission published the results of the latest Eurobarometer survey on the impact of drugs on communities in the EU. Between 30 June and 10 July 2021, 25 713 people were surveyed (Europeans aged 15 and over) across 27 EU countries.

The survey shows that over half (54%) of respondents think that drug use or dealing is a serious problem in their local area, with over a third (35%) of them perceiving an increase of drug-related problems in their local area over the past few years.

Among respondents' biggest concerns is the availability of drugs and the consumption of drugs among children and teenagers (both mentioned by 67% of respondents who think drugs are a problem in their local area).

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eu citizens responded in the latest eurobarometer about the impact of drugs on communities: think problems caused by drugs have increased in their local area: 35%;agree that the covid19 pandemic resulted in more drug problems in their local area: 30%